Florida, Utah, Ron DeSantis, Kamala Harris, and Black History

Kamla Harris and Ron DeSantis
Image source: https://tinyurl.com/57xhnper

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is proposing a survey of state colleges and universities to assess “intellectual diversity.” He also plans to push for a new “intellectual diversity” rule for public schools.

In Utah, Deidre Henderson has been nominated as the state’s first black woman Lieutenant Governor. This is a historic moment for the state’s black community.

Vice President Kamala Harris visited South Carolina and spoke at the Black Expo. She discussed investing in black-owned businesses and commemorating the rich history of black entrepreneurship. Harris also addressed the issue of voting rights, criticizing recent voting law changes and calling for strengthening the Voting Rights Act.

The Axios article highlights the significance of representation and recognition of black history in politics and education. It also discusses the importance of diversity in educational institutions.

Key takeaway: The article focuses on the political developments in Florida and Utah, as well as Kamala Harris’ efforts to support black businesses and advocate for voting rights. The overall theme is the importance of diversity, representation, and acknowledgment of black history in different spheres of society.

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