About Us

Discovery2400 is a blog that brings the most interesting stories from around the world and related to categories like news, entertainment, health and wellness, sustainability and sports.

There’s a saying, “better late than never’. Discovery2400 is an embodiment of the never-say-die spirit with which the team behind this site have lived their lives. To know more about us, you have to understand who we are, where we come from and what we do.

Who we are

We are a group of like-minded people who wanted to create. Create something beautiful that we could look at and call our own. Something that would be useful to the world. We brainstormed, planned, drew up charters, strategies and even invested our hard-earned money onto various ventures. As luck would have it our ventures were all adequate to moderately successful, and slowly our group started to split away taking the creative venture closest to their heart with them. The rest of us wished them well and we carried on our merry brainstorming.

Discovery2400 is one such brainchild that came out of a loud and boisterous coffee run made by two friends from within the larger group and it all started from the pinging sound of iPhone alerts. Looking into the phone alert one of the friends said, “there is so much content on the internet now,” and the other chimed in, “most of not worth mentioning twice”. This then led to a heated debate on the pros and cons of having content that lives long due to its good quality and relevance, versus quick gratification content developed for consumers with a 3-second attention span. After much deliberation we realized that the internet is large enough for all types of consumers and all types of content. The final a-ha moment was when we both said, we should curate and create all kinds of content for all types of readers, while maintaining high quality standards. Thus was the momentous birth of Discovery2400.

Where we come from

Ex-colleagues from the black and gray world of corporates, we were both from the deadline driven atmosphere of publishing, and we’d somehow ended up in the mechanical world of back-office operations (better known and BPO operations). Between targets, productivity, AHT and billed hours, we had pretty much stuffed our creative side into a box, and thrown it into the deepest bottomless pit we could find. Our lives had become a calendar that moved from weekly reviews to monthly review to quarterly reviews, and finally back to a new weekly review. When we came across the larger group of people living similar lives, we suddenly felt the stirrings of wanting to break free. Leaving a comfort zone though is easier said than done.

While I had always believed in the system of risk and reward, my partner believed in stability, security and salary at the end of every month. While it was extremely easy for me to say, “to hell with it, I want to do my own thing.” My Partner said, “to hell with my dreams, I have bills to pay and people who depend on me.” Just like that, we became me and I was not going to be deterred. Discovery2400 was our dream and I was going to bring it to life for both of us, whether we were both in it or not.

What I do

I am a collector, a traveler, a dreamer and a writer. I collect stories, of people and things that are making a tremendous impact on others, on society or the world at large. I love to travel in search of these stories, sometimes physically and sometimes through the internet. I dream of a day when the stories that I publish on Discovery2400 will be read, enjoyed and shared extensively among readers. I combine all of the things I am into becoming one of the best bloggers around, who can truly get in touch with the pulse of readers, to present stories that they can’t get enough of.

I also identify fresh talent from amongst the teenagers in my neighborhood and I spend time with them to understand the pulse of this vibrant generation who are so much better at everything than I was at their age. I invite some of them to write for my blog, and I ask some of them to bring me the most interesting story ideas that they can think of. I believe it is critical to channelize the energy that teenagers have into something that they can hold close to their hearts for the longest time.

Who I am

My name is Shaan (which means Pride in Hindi), and I am an Indian by birth, computer engineer by education, publisher by profession, and I have spent ten years as a corporate minion, and not one of the cute yellow ones you’re seeing on TV these days. I also identify myself as a biker, who loves to travel and I am a believer in the importance of fitness and mental wellbeing. I want to bring the most interesting stories from around the world to my readers and I want to ensure that I can keep writing interesting stories for everyone. Here’s to you, my readers, my friends, my partner and my followers. I always welcome comments and story suggestions, so please feel free to use the Contact-Us form to write to me.