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Boy Kills World

Boy Kills World

Boy Kills World is a recently released action film (April 26, 2024) with a darkly comedic twist. Here’s a breakdown:

Genre: Action, Comedy-Thriller

Plot: The story follows Boy, a deaf martial arts expert driven by revenge. After his family is murdered, he undergoes intense training under a mysterious shaman.  Fueled by a child-like imagination fueled by video games (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin), Boy sets out to kill the person responsible, the bloodthirsty Hilda Van Der Koy.

Main Cast:

Bill Skarsgard as Boy

Famke Janssen as Hilda Van Der Koy

Jessica Rothe (unknown character)

Michelle Dockery (unknown character)


The film is described as a “fever dream action film” with vibrant visuals and intense action sequences.  Early reviews point to a unique blend of dark humor and brutal violence.

Is it for you?

If you enjoy action movies with a quirky edge, Boy Kills World might be worth checking out.  However,  be aware of the violent content.

Here are some additional resources to help you decide:

Official Website:

Trailer: You can find the trailer on YouTube:



Boy Kills World: FAQs

1.  What’s the rating for Boy Kills World?

There isn’t official information yet, but early screenings suggest an R rating due to strong violence and gore.

2.  Is Boy Kills World deaf-friendly?

The protagonist, Boy, is deaf, but it’s unclear if the film incorporates subtitles for his internal monologues or utilizes sign language throughout.

3.  Is the film a straight-up action flick, or is there more to it?

Reviews suggest it blends action with dark humor and a touch of surrealism.  Think “shoot-em-up” with a quirky edge.

4.  Who is H. Jon Benjamin voicing?

H. Jon Benjamin is believed to be voicing Boy’s internal monologue, potentially inspired by his video game experiences.

5.  Where can I watch Boy Kills World?

The film is a recent release (April 26, 2024), so theatrical release is most likely. Streaming or VOD release details are not yet available. You can check the official website or follow the film on social media for updates.

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